LPFM.wiki was founded by Michelle Bradley, CBT as a public service to provide information regarding various forms of low power FM (LPFM) services to promote regulatory compliance, promotion of LPFM broadcasting and community radio in general and to help improve the on-air experience for radio listeners.

User registration

User registration is not required in order to read the pages on this Wiki, but in order to assure a quality experience for readers and to prevent vandalism that occasionally takes place on other Wiki sites, users who desire the ability to edit pages must register for an account and confirm their email address.

Policy in respect to any perceived relationship to REC Networks

While Michelle Bradley is also the founder of REC Networks and Michelle as an individual is funding this site's operation, this Wiki should not be considered as an outreach of REC Networks. Any editorial control of this Wiki by REC will be at an equal level with any other contributor.

REC's only other direct involvement in this Wiki will be the use of data collected under the auspices of REC in order to review requests for editor access. For example, public and non-public data from REC may be used to determine the qualifications of an LPFM station representative to participate in the editing process such as reviewing the listing at LPFM.us, reviewing non-public data regarding LPFM stations with a past history of running commercials as well as reviewing past participation in Facebook groups under the control of REC Networks (LPFM, LPFM Tech Advice, Part 15 AM and FM Broadcasters, etc.).

Policy regarding promotion of products and services

Promotion of products and services offered by users who have been validated and approved as editors will be limited to their user profile page. This includes those who provide services in direct competition with REC Networks.

Examples of potential contributors to this Wiki

As of August 2, 2022, we will no longer use the pre-screening process. Instead, we will make the Wiki open and require only email confirmation in order to contribute. While not a specific requirement, here are examples of the types of contributors we are looking for (but of course, anyone with anything constructive to add to this community is welcome to create pages and edit):

Regulatory advocates

Individuals who represent organizations that support LPFM and/or community broadcasting from a regulatory perspective, as well as those individuals who are "freelance" and do not represent a specific organization, that have participated in FCC rulemaking proceedings in the radio broadcasting services. Known organizations that have participated in past rulemaking proceedings include, but are not limited to:

  • Common Frequency, Inc.
  • National Federation of Community Broadcasters
  • LPFM Advocacy Group
  • LPFM Consortium
  • Prometheus Radio Project; and
  • REC Networks

Consultants and Engineers

Those with demonstrated knowledge of radio theory and have had experience in the broadcast radio application process, especially in the fields of LPFM, FM translator and full-service noncommercial educational stations. Qualifications include any of the following:

Representatives of stations

Individuals including organization board members, station managers, operations directors and program directors of FCC licensed LPFM broadcast stations or from full-service NCE broadcast stations with a past history as an LPFM station. LPFM stations must have a robust listing at LPFM.US, which demonstrates that the LPFM station is visible and serving their community. LPFM stations must not have a past record or previous observations by REC Networks of major rules violations (such as Notices of Violation and Forfeiture Orders) or those known to be violating the FCC Policy on the Noncommercial Nature of Educational Broadcasting.

LPFM.wiki also recognizes that not all LPFM stations operate under a "community radio" model. Some stations are operated by faith-based organizations for biblical teaching, either from local or distant sources. Some stations are operated by educational institutions for the purpose of providing students access to operating a radio station. Some stations are operated by state and local governments for the purpose of travelers and emergency information. LPFM stations not operating under the stereotypical "community radio" model (i.e. elected governance boards with terms, extensive local programming, storefront main studios, etc.) is not an impediment to participation in LPFM.wiki as long as the individual is willing to participate with constructive content.

Subject matter experts in studio construction and the audio chain

Those with expertise in the fields of building studios, audio engineering, service delivery (studio to transmitter), etc. are welcome to participate and share their knowledge in this Wiki on those subjects. While self-promotion is prohibited on the Wiki pages, the individual's personal profile Wiki page may include contact and promotional information.

Attorneys and others specializing in FCC and nonprofit law

While attorneys are welcome to participate, we must respect the fact that any information provided on this Wiki would not be construed as legal advice and any edits made by known attorneys are done in the capacity of a subject matter expert as opposed to an attorney. Attorneys may promote their practice and provide contact information on their personal profile Wiki page.

Subject matter experts on community radio services outside of the United States

Anyone with extensive experience with the structure of low power, community and social broadcasting in various nations, including, but not limited to:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom

Part 15 related subjects

Those with knowledge on legal Part 15 (AM and FM). Please note that certain discussion such as the use of modification of existing certified equipment (including antenna modifications), use of non-certified equipment, the distribution of kits for others to use (but not the building of transmitters for your own personal use) or any discussion related to operating at power levels or field strengths beyond those permitted by 47 CFR Part 15 will not be permitted here.

Requesting access to LPFM.wiki as an Editor

As of August 2, 2022, we will no longer use the manual email process. Instead, please register for an account. Then once registered, click on "Preferences" in the upper right and then click on the verify email address button if it is shown. Once you respond to that email, then you will be able to create and edit.