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Welcome to!

The goal of is to become a "one stop shop" for information about anything LPFM with articles that are contributed by community members and others with experience. For now, please pardon the dust as the site builds but we welcome you to start using this resource and better yet, consider sharing your experience as an Editor.

The SUB-WIKIs of
THE REGS Regulatory Regulatory related subjects including the FCC Rules, the Communications Act and other laws that affect LPFM.
THE BIZ Business The business of running an LPFM station. Station management, fundraising and underwriting.
THE STICK Engineering Technical discussion of the station's transmission system from the STL to the listener.
THE CHAIN Studio Everything from the mouth to the STL. Audio equipment, Emergency Alert System, automation software and more.
THE SHOW Programming Programming including syndicated shows, formats and music licensing.
THE WORLD International Community and other low power radio outside of the United States.
THE BOX Part 15 Legal broadcasting using short range devices, commonly known in the United States as "Part 15".

This Wiki is in the works!

This new Wiki has been set up by Michelle Bradley, CBT at REC Networks in response to constituent comments that a comprehensive source of documentation regarding the construction, operation and maintenance of Low Power FM broadcast stations operating in the United States. Information about other forms of small form broadcasting including FCC Part 15, Canada's LPFM and VLPFM, New Zealand's GURL, Australia's Community Broadcasting License as well as temporary broadcast schemes in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada may be included in this Wiki as long as the content is distinctly separate and not combined on the pages specific to the Low Power FM service in the United States regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, which is the primary scope of this Wiki.

Update August 2, 2022

I have successfully installed the email subsystem into the Wiki. We have lifted the manual validation process for editors. Anyone can now register for an account and participate. A confirmed email address is required to add or edit pages. At this time, I am currently working in the Regulatory section of the site adding content within my subject matter expertise. Let's start getting the other sections going. Thanks again for your participation! needs editors

While anyone will be able to access the text of this Wiki, we are limiting the ability to post new pages and edit to verified users only. A specific email requesting access is no longer necessary. Please view our page about Editors to see what kind of subject matter experts we are generally looking for, but anyone with something constructive to write is welcome to participate. is an independent community

This Wiki is intended to be a community free of specific organizational agenda and a place to share information about LPFM in the United States and community broadcasting everywhere.